"Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five." - Benjamin Franklin

Our Mission

To think and operate out of the box and help many more people benefit from Real Estate and Rare Metal investment.

Our Value

In BacX, we believe in "LIHA" which is our very core business capstone and our success solely counts on it.

Learning Integrity Humility Action

No matter what we have achieved,
we consider ourselves as business
newbie and we are excited with
opportunities to learn
more every single day.

We believe the quote by Heraclitus:
“Your integrity is your destiny --
it is the light that guides your way.”
We rather lose business than
lose our integrity and
human dignity.

We take actions
and believe actions will
bring long-term positive results.

We only plant the seeds
and water them; Staying humble
and grateful is our daily practice.

Our Partnership

We are a strong believer in partnership and teamwork in our RE business. To us, collaborative partners including Real Estate Brokers/Agents, Wholesalers, General Contractors (Rehabber), Project Managers, Bank Officers, Property Managers, Lenders, Attorneys, Insurance Agents and Title Officers etc. are a necessity in any successful real estate investment.