What We Do

Located in vibrant Silicon Valley, a global hub for technology and innovation, BacX has achieved excellence in commercial real estate and rare metal investment for many years. Since then it has built up: 1) a comprehensive RE portfolio specialized in commercial buildings including multi-unit family apartments and mixed-use properties etc., and 2) a fast-growing materials-supplying and distribution business in the rare metals market.
We perform above and beyond, working far more diligently than typical firms and strive to be among the top companies in our respective industries.

Real Estate Investment

Property Evaluation

We search for and acquire high-quality real estate properties at a discount, unlocking hidden value through 1) attentive hands-on management and efficient operations, and 2) physical quality improvements via repairing and remodeling. Our current real estate investments are well-positioned to hold value for the long term regardless of market fluctuation.

Our Advantages

We prioritize prospective over diverse investments and focus only on the Silicon Valley and Seattle areas. Both regions are global gateway cities offering many opportunities to expand our portfolio. This puts us in an unbeatable position so we can: 1) rapidly identify mispriced and value-added properties; 2) better understand opportunities depending on the market cycle; 3) and have a high level of confidence to execute with efficiency and certainty.

We uniquely define our target properties and acquisition price range. Our efforts are primarily in multiple-unit apartment complexes ranging from 5 to 25 units and other mixed-use properties, and the purchasing value for each deal is up to $4.5 million. This enables us to find our sweet spot and avoid unnecessary competition against BIG SHARKS.

We stay with our own acquiring pricing metrics.

We take actions and stay aggressive in our chosen market areas.

We commit to our words and close deals, gaining us outstanding reputation and more opportunities.