What We Do

Located in Silicon Valley, the vibrating global technology center, BacX has strived for excellence in commercial real estate investment, and rare metal investment and distributions for many years. Since then it has built up: 1) a comprehensive RE portfolio specialized in commercial buildings including multi-unit family apartments, retail shops and mixed-use properties etc.; and 2) a fast-growing materials-supplying and distribution business in rare metal market.
We operate above and beyond that of typical firms and strive to be among the top companies in our industries.

Real Estate Investment

All our RE investments are income properties that BacX is well positioned to hold for long time no matter the market ups and downs. We search for and acquire properties nationwide. Our business could be simply categorized in two models:

Passive Income Play

This model is driven by following factors:

Value Play

We acquire commercial properties, which we believe we could create more values through remodeling, redevelopment, rezoning, better property management and maintenance, and then resell after 3-5 year holding time and do 1031 exchange for next one.

Rare Metal Investment and Distributions

Rare Metal Investment

During 2008-2015, mining and metal industry went through its toughest journey over its history, and most rare metals were at historical low level. To capture the unprecedented opportunity, BacX has since then partnered with selected market players and built up its unique rare metal investment portfolio that continues today.

Rare Metal Distributions

Years of industry experience and market expertise enable BacX to establish a highly innovative and competitive global industry networking and distribution business. The distribution services are specialized in rare metals and their associated materials including the high purity metals, compounds and advanced materials.

Our Growth Roadmap