What We Do

Located in vibrant Silicon Valley, a global hub for technology and innovation, BacX has strived for excellence in commercial real estate and rare metal investments since 2010. Since then we have built up:

1) a comprehensive RE portfolio specialized in multifamily, retail, office, and mixed-use properties, etc.


2) a fast-growing materials-supplying and distribution business in the rare metals industry.

We perform above and beyond, working far more diligently than typical firms, and strive to be among the top companies in our respective industries.

Our Businesses

Real Estate

We are a local leader in our specifically selected market and investment properties type and price range. We seek to utilize our global business expertise with an entrepreneurial approach, achieved through our high-tech rare metal-oriented material supplying business. This business has more than 4000 people with production facilities, subsidiaries and offices across 17 countries.

We search for and acquire high-quality real estate properties at a discount, unlocking hidden value through:

1) attentive hands-on management and more efficient operations.

2) physical quality improvements via repairing and remodeling.

Our current real estate investments are well-positioned to hold value for the long-term regardless of market fluctuation.

Our Strategies

As a relatively young investment company, we enjoy no luxury of laying back and consistently take a bold and aggressive approach in the market and continue to expand our portfolio based on our own acquisition criteria.

We prioritize prospective over diverse investments and focus only in the South Bay of San Francisco and Seattle areas. Both regions are high-demand locations and global gateway cities offering significant opportunities to expand our portfolio. This puts us in an unbeatable position so we can

1) rapidly identify mispriced and value-added properties.

2) better understand each market cycle and opportunities.

3) and a high level of confidence to execute with efficiency and certainty.

We uniquely define our target properties and acquisition price range. Our efforts are primarily in multifamily, retails, and office, the purchasing value for each deal is up to $30 million. This enables us to find our sweet spot and keep our competitive edge.

We understand scale is the key to success, the breadth of our enlarging portfolio in a specific market, and defined investment property type (multifamily, office, and retail) have differentiated us and empowered us to continue to scale.
Rare Metals

Decades of industry experience and market expertise enable BacX to establish a highly innovative and competitive global industry networking and distribution business. The distribution services are specialized in rare metals and their associated materials including high purity metals, compounds, and advanced materials.